Information for Annual Conference of the Japan Association of Bioethics (JAB)

The Japan Association for Bioethics (JAB), which is one of the largest academic organizations of medical ethics in Japan, will hold the 30th Annual Conference in Kyoto City, 8-9 December, 2018. Its main theme is "Bioethics as an Interdisciplinary Knowledge: looking back into the 30-year history of JAB and looking forward its future." If you have an interest in the JAB conference in Kyoto, please contact: Notice: since the conference is held in Kyoto with beautiful late autumn colors, the number of the hotels with vacancies may be limited. We recommend you to book a hotel in Kyoto City as soon as possible if you decide to join the JAB conference this year.


本会名誉会員・第6期代表理事の 藤井正雄先生( 大正大学 名誉教授)におかれましては、

代表理事 赤林朗



日本生命倫理学会 事務局




休業日 : 毎週水曜、金曜、土曜、日曜、祝祭日(年末年始、夏期長期休業)
受付時間 : 10:00〜16:00
電話 & FAX : 03-6231-0576
電子メール :