“Bioethics & I”
Toshihiro SUZUKI


  • “Beginning of topic regarding euthanasia in Japan: significance and problems of “Kanmin no setsu” by Ogai Mori”
    Junsei JUDAI
  • “An alternative to clinical ethics committees or ethics consultants: Potentialities of moral case deliberation”
    Kenji HATTORI
  • “Care Worker Awareness of Ethical Issues and Current Status of Ethics Education”
    Masumi SUMITA
  • “Preventive surgery for non-ruptured brain aneurysm: factors enhancing physician discretion and/or patient self-determination”
    Kiyoshi MURAOKA
  • “Deciphering the silence of patients from Bartleby: A trial of medical ethics case study through analysis of a literary work”
  • “Human Dignity, Welfare, and Care”
    Toshihiko DOHZONO


  • “Practical Wisdom for Ethical Issues in Perioperative Nursing”
    Shino OKAJIMA, Akihiro SHUDA
  • “The Discussions of ‘Therapeutic Abortion Law’ in Iran”
    Sachiko HOSOYA
  • “A survey of informed consent in patients with dementia in Japan”
    Yoshihiko IIJIMA
  • “Difficulty of autonomic decision and reality of informed consent in child vaccination:  Consideration based on a guardian attitude survey in Tokyo”
  • “Recent situation about preimplantation genetic diagnosis in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland”
    Yutaro MIENO
  • “Issues Surrounding Donor Anonymity in The Era of Genetic Testing”
    Yukari SEMBA, Kiyomi SHIMIZU, Naoaki KUJI
  • “Debates on end-of-life care and the legalization of “good death” in Taiwan: the Hospice and Palliative Care Act and the Patient Self-Determination Act”
    Yicheng CHUNG
  • “Narratives of cancer patients involved in clinical trials: The difficulty of distinguishing “therapy” from “research””
    Sachie YOSHIDA, Haruka NAKADA, Kaori MUTO