• “Bioethics in University Education”
    Nobuyuki IIDA 


  • “Modern style of human exploitation: from an analysis of egg donation industry for the Japanese clients in the U.S. ”
  • “Problems in the artifical abortion in the women on welfare”
    Tomoko HINA, Yuichiro NAKAI
  • “The significance of dialogues in clinical ethics case deliberation”
    Kenji HATTORI


  • “A survey on the ethical review in the disaster research in Japan”
    Yoshihiko IIJIMA
  • “Restriction of medical treatment for patients with severe persistent consciousness disturbance: irrespective of the desire “to live as long as possible””
  • “Devising a comparative culture for euthanasia: a review of the argument of euthanasia by Seiichiro Ono”
    Junsei JUDAI
  • “The present state of advance care planning in Japan: Literature review and content analysis in advance care planning”
    Masumi SUMITA
  • “A consideration of the relationship between Advance Care Planning and Advance Directives, Based on evidence from the U.S.A.”
    Toshitaka ADACHI, Mari TSURUWAKA
  • “Reviewing the future of Baby-Box: Comparing the current circumstances in Japan and Germany”
    Kyoko SAKAMOTO
  • “Thoughts of mothers who have experienced miscarriage through focus group interviews”
  • “Consideration of respect for autonomy in decision making:  From the viewpoint of coherency and change of value”
    Haruka HIKASA
  • “Examination of motherhood in surrogacy: Protection of a women who bore children”
    Minobu SADAOKA
  • “The struggle of families that have experienced missing patients due to wandering: Stories of caregivers of people with early onset dementia”
    Rieko YOKOSE
  • “Survey of “Research Ethics Support” for understanding current conditions and organizing the concept of support”
    Ayako KAMISATO, Sosuke IWAE, Yoshihiko IIJIMA, Kuniko AIZAWA, Mika SUZUKI, Kaori MUTO
  • “Public Bath Movements in the West and the Japanese Municipal Public Bath System: Focusing on the concept of body and morality”