“Future figure of Japan Association for Bioethics, prospected from its origin”


  • “Is there a parental duty to bear the best child possible? : A critical analysis of a bioethical controversy on PGD”
    Tomohide IBUKI, Satoshi KODAMA
  • “Ethics of bereavement: grief work and mourning rituals”
    Junsei JUDAI


  • “Reconsideration of hospital ethics committee for its revision”
    Tsunakuni IKKA
  • “Living donor transplantation and ethical standards of physicians”
    Tomio KAWASAKI
  • “Observations on regulation of third―party reproductive tourism: based on comparison with travel for transplantation and transplant tourism”
    Tatsuya IMAI
  • “Problems of liberal eugenics: the use of genetic engineering for enhancing children’s traits”
    Kazutaka INAMURA
  • “The suffering of female ex―patients: from the narratives of women who have recovered from hansen’s disease”
    Rieko YOKOSE
  • “An ethical view on the initial clinical application of the new type of preimplantation genetic diagnosis of embryos in Japan”
    Masayuki KODAMA
  • “Bioethical considerations on mechanism design for paired kidney exchange”
    Koichi JIMBA
  • “Professional ethics in research ethics consultation”
    Yoshihiko IIJIMA
  • “Diffusion process of living donor liver transplantation in Japan and the relevant problems”
    Mayumi KURATA
  • “Ethical susceptibility in nursing management methodology: Factors associated with ethical sensibility among clinical nurses”
    Akemi YOSHIKAWA, Tatsuyuki KAKUMA
  • “Study of the publication meaning of life scientific research result and the acceptability of its restriction: learning from the publication issues of the 2011-2012 Influenza H5N1 Virus papers”
    Ayako KAMISATO
  • “Debates on end-of-life care and the legalization of “natural death” in Taiwan: the practice of terminal discharge and the Hospice and Palliative Care” Yicheng CHUNG
  • “Chinese policy on healthy birth and child care: Case of Maternal and Infant Health Care Law of China”
    Liling YU, Yoshinari SHIOMI, Yutaka KATO, Keisuke SHISHIDO, Junko IKEZAWA, Tsuyoshi AWAYA
  • ““Desire to have children” and the assisted reproduction in the revision of French bioethics law”
    Minori KOKADO
  • “Patients’ consciousness undergoing transformation by medical information: studies of thoughts of patients who received medical information in breast cancer patient’s narratives”
    Sayuri KIUCHI
  • “Legal trends in post-mortem procreation in France”
    Mari HONDA
  • “Consideration on the proper way to proceed the research to make avian flu viruses infectible to mammals”
    Shinsuke SATO
  • “Consideration on the influences of the myriad trial and on the proper way of human gene patents”
    Shinsuke SATO
  • “Bioethics and Externalism: Investigating PCBE reports on Human Dignity”
    Takushi ODAGIRI