“There is no single answer, but we must never give up: In conclusion of the long-lasting debate on ethics”
Yasuhiko MORIOKA


  • “Before a spouse entrusts a premature senility patient to a care facility:ethical aspects considered from actual cases”
    Rieko YOKOSE
  • “The qualitative structure of pregnancy conflicts The lived voice of women during pregnancy”
    Tomoko TAGUCHI
  • “A standard classifying somatic cells and germ-line cells in stem cell research with references to American Bioethics Commission reports”
    Yoshio NUKAGA 


  • “A communitarian bioethics based on sustainable community movements”
    Atsuki KUGA
  • “The effect of confusion of the translation of statutory “will” or “intention” on self-determination in Japan”
    Tomio KAWASAKI
  • “End-of-life care and death education: problems with end-of-life care for dialysis patient”
    Miho OMOMO
  • “Narrative based medicine revisited”
    Maya FUJITA
  • “Children’s informed consent and the role of medical professions: On the Gillick Competence in the U.K.”
    Yasue FUKUDA
  • “Controversy in the UK on assisted dying and “suicide tourism” to Switzerland: Possible effects of cross-border health care on domestic regulations”
    Kyoko TAKASHIMA, Satoshi KODAMA
  • “Clinical ethics education issues elaborated by comparison with longstanding disagreements about how to teach reading literature in primary and secondary schools”
    Kenji HATTORI
  • “Consideration on the meaning and the influences of the ECJ judgment on the patents of human ES cells”
    Shinsuke SATO
  • “Linking theoretical bioethics study with clinical nursing practice experiences: impact on study guidelines”
    Keiko SHIBATA, Kikuko KAWAMOTO
  • “Impact of medical information seen in patients’ narratives of their struggle against disease: with regard to changes in breast cancer patients’ awareness”
    Sayuri KIUCHI