“Gene, DNA and heredity-roles of the genetic counselors”
Hiraku Takebe


  • “Ethics consultation and narrative competence”
    Takanobu Kinjo
  • “Discussion on Socio-medical, legal and ethical issues concerning blood transfusion-refusal based on religious beliefs”
    Sumitoshi Katsumata
  • “Researcher’s obligations to handle incidental findings and their implications”
    Yoshinori Hayashi
  • “Movement toward the revisions of the bioethics law and the law governing the protection of subjects for research in France: in relation to the situation of neuroethics”
    Mari Honda
  • “Ethical consideration on the validity of placebo control groups in clinical trials”
    Takuro Ogaki, Akihiro Fujino


  • “A preliminary study of ethics education for Japanese medical residents”
    Toshitaka Araki, Atsushi ASAI
  • “−Support of self-management behavior of patients with chronic illnesses: teaching or educating patients with diabetes”
    Aya Enzo
  • “New perspectives on terminal care in ancient societies: India, Greece, and Egypt”
    Michiyasu Yoshitsugu
  • “The processes leading to the use of nursing-care facilities: Sons’ support for mothers with dementia”
    Rieko Yokose
  • “Problems considered difficult to resolve by nurses as medical safety managers”
    Kyoko Tamura
  • “Preventing the spread of infectious diseases and limiting individual rights: Ethical issues concerning influenza and the prevention of other infectious diseases”
    Taketoshi Okita
  • “Some thoughts on the rationality and variety of living wills: Original conception by Luis Kutner and transformation in the USA”
    Michio Arakawa, Takahiro Hirano, Ryoichi Gomibuchi
  • “End-of-life care of dialysis patients and advance directives”
    Miho Omomo
  • “International coordination of organ donation systems in the EU, the consent system and its ethical consideration”
    Yasue Fukuda
  • “Issues in evaluating ethics education for nurses and their competency in matters involving ethical judgment and behavior: based upon quantitative surveying of the actual state of clinical nurse’s ethics education and moral sensitivity”
    Hisae Mizusawa
  • “The ethics of maternal-fetal surgery”
    Gitaro Hotta, Hiroko Sakurai
  • “Death with dignity act in Washington State”
    Shinobu Gamou, Thomas R. McCormick
  • “Study on confirmation of intention concerning end-of-life care upon moving into welfare facilities for elderly requiring care”
    Mari Tsuruwaka, Yukari Semba
  • “Critique of the debate on the amendment to the Organ Transplant Law”
    Takashi Niina, Daigo Hayashi, Atsushi Terada
  • “Learning of bioethics in nursing practical training”
    Keiko Shibata, Kikuko Kawamoto
  • “The present situation and future issues of research ethics consultation: consideration from the IMSUT experience”
    Ayako Kamisato, Kaori Muto
  • “A questionnaire survey on the use of placebo in clinical practice by ward head nurses working in hospitals of Japan”
    Akira Komatsu, Miho Tanaka